Adventure Race

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend πŸ™‚ I had a very, VERY, busy one with work- but one on Saturday was at least a fun time! (Besides the super early wake up call)

I helped work an Adventure Race that was through the gym that I work at.

This included for racers:

  • 4 mile trail run
  • 2 mile paddle (canoe or kayak)
  • an obstacle course
  • 8 mile mountain bike course
  • Total Course Length of 14 miles

For an idea of what it all looks like- check out this video!

That part where they are carrying the tire up and down the hill is where my Hydration station was! The hill was absolutely ridiculously steep! Most (as would I) got off their bike right away and walked up to get a tire and carry it back down and back up..they then got back on their bike to complete the bike course. As they came down with the bike tired I gave them delicious cups of High Quality H20!

I may have looked something like this after being out there for like 5 hours… It was hot and muggy..and even rained at one point, but not for too long. The racers said the mountain bike trail was crazy..very muddy and many said they fell many times and were covered in mud. But they said it was a lot of fun. Watching races only makes me want to do the race too! It looked like A LOT of fun! Well. Sorta.

This is the hill they carried the tires up:


That doesn’t even do it justice! That probably had to be one of the worst parts! One girl did get turned around and lost during the bike portion! I felt so bad but she said she still enjoyed it- even tho it was much longer than she wanted to be out there.


That’s the trail that bikers came out of. Sorry I don’t have more pictures of them but I was busy with directing racers and handing out cups! Overall, a very fun day- but exhausting and I did even race!

Well that was my main excitement for the weekend. Other than that I worked, worked, worked some more. Oh AND rode my bike in my new Lulu gear. It’s absolutely awesome! Everything feels so comfortable-like second skin! Very smooth. I need to save some more to stock up.. It’s okay, right? πŸ˜‰


Also very sorry I’m so awkward at selfies. Never know how to hold my phone… But the outfit is so dang cute! Love it! I did a really great 17 mile ride and one mile run after on Sunday and it was awesome. Improved by 12 seconds on the run πŸ™‚

So, how was your weekend? Would you do anything like the adventure race? Ever volunteered at a race?


9 thoughts on “Adventure Race

  1. Ha, I too hatee taking pictures of myself. I always feel so awkward, and never know just how to hold the camera! Lovee the shorts. They are adorable & look great on you girl πŸ™‚ Great job on improving your run by 12 seconds too btw!!

    • from what I saw it was super hard..kinda made me want to do it tho! looked challenging but fun! i haven’t mastered mountain biking so i’m sure that could be interesting

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