Last Things Thursday

Another installment of Last Things Thursday!

Last Workout done:

2.25 mile run (sorta miserably, I might add), a little Yoga from Jillian Michael’s video (didn’t do the whole thing cause I suck at staying focused. Namaste bitches.) , and a little 15 minute thing from Nike Training Club.

Last Snack:

Cookie dough FroYo mmhmm!

Last Song on the iPod:

Demi Lovato- give your heart a break. (Don’t judge me.)

Last picture on phone:

A picture of ME going out for a run in my NEW shoes…the ones that I won from Lora’s Blog! They are AWESOME! Saucony Triumph 9-Β I really like this neutral shoe. They’re a little lighter than ones I’ve been running in and I can tell a difference. They are an 8mm drop, less than I’m used to, so I’m hoping they don’t bother my feet, but so good!

Pretty snazzy, eh?

Last BIG purchase:

This is a present to myself…a Lululemon cycling outfit…well it was on sale…haha and Sale by lulu’s standards isn’t exactly the same BUT it is the most amazing cycling clothing I’ve ever had on in my life! Cycling clothing is pretty expensive to begin with and I wanted a good quality outfit now that I spend a longer time out on the bike. Before I’ve pretty much bought the cheapest shorts I can buy and then wear a tank top or shirt. Now I’m LEGIT!Β And look how dang cute these purple shorts are.

Last Book I read:

Matched by Ally Condie! A good read..pretty quick, but found it was pretty enjoyable. It’s got a kind of futuristic United States kinda thing like The Hunger Games. Good beach read.

Last Meal:

I made chicken with this brown rice and quinoa mix…first time having it and the stuff was delicious. If you can find it near you i suggest it. quite delicious.

  • What are some of your last things this Thursday?

23 thoughts on “Last Things Thursday

  1. I’m chuckling bc I must say Demi lovato is a sneaky fave of mine so I’d never be judging on that! Lol!!! Also, that cookie dough froyo is one of my faves! Im a sucker for cookie dough! I enjoyed this learning alittle about u!! :0) SPALove!

  2. aaaah i love the turkey hill froyo!!! it goes soo fast in our house lol. And omg that lulu cycling outfit is HOT. I’ve been looking for more β€œlegit” cycling gear cuz I also ride in cheapo padded shorts and a beater haha…”legit” cycling gear anywhere is really expensive though so I bet lulu wouldn’t be that bad in comparison!

  3. Been wanting to try froyo, is it good?! Love your new shoes by the way, I’m a total Saucony girl! Glad you finally tried quinoa, too!.There’s soo many things you can do with it. πŸ™‚ Hope all is well!

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