Olympic Fever

As most of you have as well… I certainly have some Olympic Fever!! I have been looking forward to the games all summer and now that they’re finally here I have been getting just about zero sleep staying up watching and being up early to watch also.


Umm kinda true, sorry table tennis and skeet shooting. You are awesome though!

As you may have guessed, cycling has been my favorite thing to watch so far. Many would find it boring and 2 years ago I probably would have thought the same thing- but now I’m mesmerized watching!

Earlier today American Kristin Armstrong won the time trial! She was killing it! USA!

One sport I have yet to see on TV yet is my first love Field Hockey. The timing for me to watch hasn’t worked out and I’ve missed it however the USA women have won their second match! Wahoo!!

I don’t know about you guys- but watching the Olympians on TV has made me want to stay on my bike or go run or play field hockey forever!!! I mean that in a good way! Most of their stories are so inspiring. Maybe this is why the other day I set out for a good brick workout for the day: a15 mile ride and one mile run. Turns out that say I made the mile run in my FASTEST time after recorded (after a bike ride)! Setting my own records 🙂 not only breaking but smashing it by 30 seconds! That is. Whole lot for running!


Love that banner! “records fell today” classic.

Now obviously I knew I could go all out since I was only doing a one mile run but I actually felt good! And to get fast you have to run fast, right? Despite my terrible beach run that was making me legs go “um, hey we don’t like this, please stop!” I actually felt good! Thank you sweet baby j for muscle memory for coming back!

So this “Olympic Fever” has been good for me, at least I’m thinking so. It has been fun watching these inspiring women from all over! I even told Drew what I want for my birthday (2 months away, don’t worry, I’ll remind you AGAIN and AGAIN) already after watching, an indoor bike trainer for the winter! 😉

What are your favorite Olympic sports to watch?

Do they inspire you?


18 thoughts on “Olympic Fever

  1. LOVE the olympics! Track and Field is my fave, with the marathon getting me the most excited this year. But I generally love all the sports. It’s so awesome to see people that have put their all into their training, and get rewarded for it!

  2. AHHH i missed the TT today! fail. I rode the trainer, too, should’ve just put it on the living room instead of the porch…..oh well. SO happy for Kristin Armstrong, she’s my FAVORITE female cyclist! I need to find this online and watch it! And OOH Drew better get you a bike trainer! It’s my BFF lol! An hour on the trainer is worth two on the roads or so they say

    • I know so excited for Kristin Armstrong too! I was going crazy watching it! Really glad to hear that about the trained- I’ve done it once on drews bike which was just bad but maybe on my own it will be better! 🙂

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