My First Foodie Penpal Reveal!

Hellllooooo and happy Friday everyone 🙂 After my first week back in elementary school I’m so ready for a break it’s not even funny. Thank you sweet baby j for a long weekend!.

I’m wiped out. Not sure how well I’m going to do keeping up with blogs and my own blogging so let me say I miss commenting and writing to all of your blogs and I hope that I can catch up soon this weekend. Once I get my routine down I’ll be golden!

So, I do love my job a lot still! The only downfall is that my feet are absolutely kiling me. Does anyone know of comfortable dress shoes? My health and PE self is dying to wear sneakers but that obviously isn’t going to happen….I stand for practically all of my day besides lunch so shoes are so crucial to me being comfortable. It’s been a fail all week. Ballet flats I used to love- you are not meant to be work more than 4 hours at a time.



So this month was the first time I signed up for a foodie pen pal from Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean. I’m so glad I signed up this time! It was a lot of fun getting a box of goodies in the mail!

Here is what the awesome Sonia from her blog The Mexigarian sent me! such great stuff!

As soon as I opened my box I smelled the rich aroma of delicious coffee beans! That scent alone makes my mouth water and those beans made some GREAT cups of coffee. I believe it was a sort of French roast…but very good coffee!

I love honey in my food if I need a sweetner..i haven’t had a chance to try this stuff yet but I”m sure it’s absolutely delish!


These were delish! My mom was also a big fan!





I had this for my breakfast one day when I was running late to work and it was absolutely perfect 🙂 The cherries added a sweet tart flavor that I love!


Haven’t had a chance for this yet but it’s chocolate and I”m sure it’s awesome.



These little bites were my FAVORITE thing in the package! delicious little energy protein bites that were almost like having a doughy, cookie but healthy! woo hoo!

I haven’t had a chance for these yet either..but I like pumpkin AND cheddar! we will see how it goes. Also Sonia told me these were her husbands contribution to the box! 🙂


Miso Soup I’m excited to try also!

Sonia was an amazing penpal to have this first month I got soooo many great treats! It’s fun to try new things!

  • I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Does anyone have any shoe suggestions for me?

Best day ever!

Okay I might be exaggerating- buttt in hope that I don’t eat my words later, I can tell that I’m really, really going to like my job.

Everyone is super nice and I felt welcomed right away.

And it’s elementary school so naturally it’s all rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns!

jk…but not really. The place is great.

You know how in Elf when Will Ferrell does this?

“I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!”

That’s kinda how I feel about this job. (Oh, and you too Drew!) 😉 Which makes me want to do this:

Oh and Kingergartners are so hilarious…LOVE them. These kids are so great! The teachers are great too! So happy to work with them. Don’t worry I’ll recap some GREAT stories at the end of the week. Lots of great one liners as well… you’ll enjoy!

So…how’s fitness fitting into all of this you ask?

Well…i’ve been getting to bed earlier than normal..not my goal time but it’s been earlier than normal. I’ve also been waking up with not too much complaint. The only problem I’m having getting up early and working out is that I would love to get miles on my bike, but its dark in the morning and evening when I have the most time. That’s frustrating because that’s what I want to do and it’s just unsafe… so instead I’m planning on doing some things like DVD’s in the mornings and looking into getting a bike trainer so that I can put miles on my bike safely and I will also be working in runs at the same time. Of course next week when my gym is open again I may be there too. I’m just going with the flow this week. (Theme of my life right now). I do have a duathlon or 2 coming up at the end of september so I have to get ready 🙂

I do know why I definitely need to do exercise right away in the morning… By the time I get home from practice around 6ish, I’m literally exhausted and my feet hurt really bad ha. I am pretty sure that stuff would never happen if it didn’t happen in the morning. I’m sure I’ll get into a routine soon and most of this stuff will be easy peezy lemon squeezey.

  • Do you like a set workout time of the day or do you do whatever, whenever you have time?

Back to School

Back to prove to Dad I’m not a fool 🙂 

this girl ain’t no fool! okay…maybs a little

Bonus points if you can name that movie…Told ya I’m a movie quote junkie.

This post will be short and sweet. My first day of training went well and I’m pretty ready to go. It’s going to be so crazy interesting day at elementary school. When I started my student teaching last fall (exactly a year ago. sheesh.) at an elementary school the kids are either:

a. Really excited and giddy

b. Moody to be back in school. 

c. Bawling their eyes out. 

Kindergarten- 1st graders are mostly answer C, so it is going to be a fun day.

I can seriously not believe that this is the first time I won’t be going back to school as a students myself in ya know..what, 18 years? It’s pretty surreal for sure.

Fitness wise: Getting up super early for they gym has almost begun- turns out my gym closes down this week for maintenance and cleaning, so I’ll be doing stuff at home at 6am. (this morning was a short bike ride) I may need multiple cups of coffee the first couple of weeks, but my new goal is to start to get to bed earlier…like 10pm early. I’m barely ever in bed before 11:30, so this will require a lot of work to get myself into the habit of that. I’ll also be packing lunches the night before and picking out clothes and my field hockey practice clothes before bed to save the hassle of the morning!

21 days to make a habit right? Today marks day 1!

So with that- here goes nothing! May I be prepared for all the little shoes I’ll be tying this year!

I hope you all have a great day! Can’t wait to update you tomorrow on my elementary school adventures. Kids really do say the darndest things!

I’m a Big Girl Now

I know you just sang that title in your head 🙂

But really…first day on the job today…just lots of training (CPR and First aid…even though I already have them..and harassment and such but ya know..gotta be there).

Let’s up to the weekend though, shall we? Well it wasn’t anything too crazy and I actually worked half of it besides having a full day off Sunday..wahoo! What did I do on this day?


Yesterday I had my first game as a Green Dragon! The league has about 5 teams in it and we play at an amazing prep school in Baltimore, equipped with two turf fields that are super nice. This is about an hour-ish drive from my house and I went down with my friend Lauren who I played hockey with in my high school years!

It’s so nice to be playing my absolute favorite way to exercise..I literally LOVE competition..i love sports and that atmosphere…not in a crazy I MUST WIN OR DIE kind of way but I like being competitive.. (okay that MIGHT be a tad true in that Drew and I can’t play games even like words with friends because we both like to win haha..) But seriously this league is just for fun..guys play, people in their 50-60’s play..just a good time all around!

Of course playing for the first time since April means that my body is hurting all over soooo what do you do ?

Torture…and compression..yup..lots of compression. Seriously kicking myself for not having compression shorts cause thats the most of my body that’s hurting!

Oh, and of course you foam roll with a buddy watching you!

I honestly hope I’m able to walk tomorrow. That’s not a joke. Staying so low in field hockey puts quite the hurt on your butt and quads…just try to run in a squat position! I’m also starting to realize that you don’t quite recover like you did when you were in your teens haha. but really your does sooo not do that.

I also finished Week 2 of Live Fit trainer and have really been loving it. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of muscle already! I’m excited to get to week 3! Off to training for the day and then tomorrow is the acutal first day of school! AHH!

  • How was your weekend? Anything exciting or fun?
  • If you could do any sport as an adult summer league what would you play?

The Start of Something New

Friday again! Wow, I feel like every time I turn around it’s Friday. Crazy how fast time goes…and now summer is over…

Why do I say that you ask?

CAUSE I’m going back to school! BUT not as a student! and not exactly as a teacher either….

I got a new job as a teacher’s aide in an elementary school! 8:15-3:15 M-F! YUP. I’ll be tying lots of little people’s shoes and wiping noses….drying tears. The experience I have had as Child Care Staff for the YMCA for a year is going to come in handy for sure.

Aide? No, not exactly what I want to be doing but it’s a start, and I’ll take it. I have training that starts Monday…and then I’m all set to start the school year on Tuesday! It will be here before I know it for sure. My job will mostly be working one on one with students on their homework..bus duty, lunch duty. I’m not sure of everything yet!

Needless to say I”m excited. I haven’t been liking my two part time jobs for a while..and while I’ll probably stay at them a couple times a week- it won’t be nearly as much. Thank god. Plus I’ll also be coaching my awesome team, which happens to be in the same school district near the school I’ll be at. Perfecto. 🙂

What else does this mean you ask? I’m going to have to become a 5:45 am gym goer….yep. I’ll be sweating it out early… simply because of my job and coaching..if I don’t do it that early in the morning IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. 

Days where my team just has practice would make my day from about 8-6 with travel time added in. (days with games especially away ones will be more like 8-8…boo) By the time I get home I will plop down on the couch and eat Dove chocolate..i just will, because I’m going to be drained at that point, and that means exercise won’t happen.

So basically in the coming weeks I’m going to turn into a caffeine guzzling, super energized morning person.

But I’m looking forward to it. (Kinda) There is a 6am spin class that I want to take at my gym and maybe this will give me that time to take it. During the week I won’t have much time to be on the bike (why I need a trainer…) so this might be a way I can get some miles on the legs.

This also means tons of food prep on Sundays and packing a lot of meals and snacks to get me through the days. A trip to Costco is definitely in order… I vow to try and make new and exciting meals because I cannot eat turkey sandwiches everyday of my life. Or a salad for that matter, I Like them..but i cannot do them every other day…If anyone has idea for meals to take with them…please send them along!

Here’s to new beginnings!

  • What’s new with you? Have a great weekend!