Back again!

Hi everyone…I know I’ve said it before but I’m back! for serious this time.

The beach was absolutely awesome last week! I mean how could it not be right? It’s the beach. Relaxation, beach reading, good food, and biking! We had pretty good weather the entire time we were there…only one day of super hot stuff going on, not like my other time at the beach this summer (which of course was through the hottest 10 days in a row on record).

This was one of our nicest days there. Beautiful blue skies!

Well at the beach you KNOW I rode my bike a bunch 🙂 On Monday Drew, his dad, and I set out for a bike ride in the afternoon that ended up being about 18 miles. It was the afternoon and a little too hot for us to go our real long and still make it to the beach for a little so we didn’t do too long of one. Unfortuantely the way we went this time required a lot of stopping through traffic lights through one town, which got kinda irritating but not too bad of a ride all together.

Tuesday we went out for a 27 mile ride! Which was really good. it’s always nice to go out and bike with others- coming home and biking by myself I realized how much harder it is to make myself stay out there.

Wednesday we went to a little farmers market in town which was really cute and fun and lots of neat homemade food and crafts. I LOVE food.

and especially this doughnut from The Fractured Prune- Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut 🙂

So that morning we skipped the bike ride in order to do that, eat lunch, and spend some quality time at the beach!

After the beach this day  went out and did something crazy- I RAN. Yes- that’s it. I just ran. No biking involved…I know, this is pretty much unheard of for me lately, but since I didn’t bike that day and haven’t just done a solo run in a while I figured I would try it out. Well- let’s just say that cycling and running- although both cardiovascular exercises….dont exactly translate. My legs were pretty tired from the day before I’ll admit but the whole 2 miles I kind of struggled through. I made a goal to get them in under 20 minutes which I did by 10 seconds but not a great run. Getting back into it is HARD and the next day my legs were KILLING me. Not fun. But it will only get better correct? Spending so much time on my bike has made my foot really happy! which is AWESOME, because I haven’t had any pain and running didn’t hurt! This is probably the first time in 2 years where my foot has felt good for a long period of time. That calls for celebration!

Later on that night Drew and I played mini golf…and I won 😉

That was my last night there, so it was a great time and of course FroYo came after- although I ate it before a picture. oops 😉

The next day even thought I was crazy sore I woke up and Drew and I did a decent 22 mile ride before heading to the beach for the rest of the day. After the beach I packed and had to come back home so I could get back to work, which I did all weekend and today.  Rude. 

So basically, summary: I love the beach and always wonder, why do I ever leave? Do any of you wonder that after a vacation?

And fitness wise what I learned this week: Taking time off from running totally kills when you start again. However, breathing wise I felt good because I think my cardio is good from biking, but getting the legs and arms into the “swing” of things is tough after time off. Boo.

But also: Cycling is awesome, and I love it. I feel like I’m getting better with every ride. Working to stay peddling the whole time is hard sometimes especially after a tough climb but there’s something about it that keeps me hooked 🙂


  • So anyways- you guys, what’s up with you? Any new fitness accomplishments? or any in general?

21 thoughts on “Back again!

  1. aaah i feel ya on getting back into running! when I first ran at PT awhile back my legs were like “um…wtf are you DOING?!?” hahaha but it doesn’t take long for the muscle memory to come back. Glad your’e loving cycling too! I’ve become kind of obsessed with it in my time off! What happened to your foot btw? Oh and yah the beach…I pretty much never want to leave, and when I go home afterward I miss it SO BAD for like a week…aah withdrawal haha

    • that’s exactly what my legs were saying to me! cycling has been quite great to me lately and I’m really loving it! i actually sprained my foot 2 years ago pretty badly and it caused a lot of other repercussions because it didn’t really heal properly… I had some mild plantar’s faciitis as well…not fun…also it didn’t help that I played my whole senior season of field hockey on it in pain practically every day but I refused to sit out..HARD HEAD.

  2. WHOA!!! 27 miles on the bike. That’s impressive. I struggle with the 4 miles to gym & back every day!! Lol. The whole way BACK is uphill. Oh the cruel irony Haha. I feel the same way about getting backing into running… sucks so bad after time off!!!!

    • ugh up hill AFTER the gym!? i would too lol. it’s been a process getting up to that amount of miles on the me- it started at like 5 miles at a time and then 10..and so on- but now it doesn’t feel bad being on there that long at all!

  3. I was at Point Pleasant this weekend and felt the same way – why do I leave!? I made a commitment to myself of no working out and just purely relaxing. It was great. Nice bike rides!

  4. Okay, you are the third blogger, in a row, that I’ve read went to the beach this weekend. Did I miss some sort of memo?

    I feel the same way about long runs, it’s so much easier with other people. Alone, it’s too easy for thoughts to take over and take the short cut home.

  5. I am always so friggen amazed by all of the bike miles you and the boy put in. You two are AWESOME! Glad you were even able to squeeze in a 2 mile run, and your foot didn’t cause any trouble 🙂 Yay for awesome rides, runs & foods (aka that donut), and of course the beach!!

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