Favorite Fitness Apps!

So, I’m slowly healing from the whole road rash thing..which actually I thought would be worse- but really not SO bad as I thought. It’s tender to pressure but I’ve been cleaning it, neosporin-ing the crap out of it and hopefully my skin will start to grow back soon….hopefully. I’d like to be able to wear shorts again.

Today I wanted to tell you about some of my favorite Fitness Apps! As an iPhone addict these are the ones that I love to use! These are such fantastic resources when you’re on the go…I LOVE to mix it up and could honestly go gym-less with all the resources I’ve found from DVD’s and these apps too!

1. Nike + GPS

This is one of my first fitness apps that I love because it has helped me keep track of my runs! I don’t have a GPS watch in my budget right now but this was a cheap fix and works well, from what I can tell! I love that it gives you the feedback after your run and cool pro athletes talk to me and congratulate me! (Lance Armstrong, Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan…just to name a few!) It actually is quite motivating because sometimes it will come on and tell you you are about to break a goal and that really motivates me to pick it up so I beat it! πŸ™‚ You can log onto Nike plus online and see more details about your run and paces and I think that this is an awesome tool to understand your run. (if you’re into that kinda thing!) It also keeps your fastest times/splits and let’s you know how many total miles you have on the year. Pretty cool!

2. Gymboss Interval Timer

I’m sure you have all seen their real product that a lot of people have which is the little timer box, but this app is FREEEEEEEEE (as Drew always says: “if it’s free it’s fo’ me!) and right on your phone! you always have it! It’s awesome I love to do my circuit workouts with it and that way I’m not looking at my phone or clock and it keeps track of everything itself (Is it just me or do you have trouble counting for yourself when sweating your butt off?)

3. Nike Training Club

Last but SO NOT LEAST is my newest most favorite app in the world!! I just finally downloaded this app because I got a newer iPhone with more room on it. I always heard fantastic things about this one but I had an older phone with not enough space on it. I have done 4 of the workouts now and they are SOOO killer! They are all based on a circuit style workout and you can choose from many different types. Choices include:

I love that there are so many choices of workouts! They have fantastic video demonstrations of moves and you can watch them all before you even start. There is voice feedback that reminds you of your form and you can play your music right through the app. This app is absolutely awesome! I love them Get Focused option because you can pick a specific body part to work on… Leaner legs, strong arms, Ab Burner, are just some of the workouts to choose from. Yesterday I did the Ab burner, Leaner Legs, and Cardio Killer for a 45 minute workout! it was awesome and I’m definitely feeling the effects today. When you reach a certain number of minutes on the App it gives you little rewards. Yesterday I earned 5 smoothie recipes…who doesn’t love that??

With all the choices of Apps, DVD’s, and outdoor workouts- there’s really no excuse of not having a gym membership! You can do these things anywhere and they’re incredibly awesome to have with you on vacation, in hotels, or if you have a lunch break to spare 15 minutes.

You know what they say..If it doesn’t challenge you- it doesn’t change you! πŸ™‚

  • Know of any awesome apps that I’m missing? I’d love to hear about them! i’m such a iPhone app addict it’s ridiculous…seriously, slightly embarrassing!
  • Are you addicted to your smart phone??? Please tell me it just isn’t me!Β 

11 thoughts on “Favorite Fitness Apps!

  1. oooh these sound so cool!!! I have a smartphone but it’s a droid….I wonder if I’d still be able to get these apps? I’d love to have a GPS for my bike without buying an expensive bike garmin haha. And yeah I’ve heard NTC workouts are ridiculous, i need to get my hands on those!!

  2. Great post! I love the Nike Training Club one. I’ve always wanted a gym boss, I can’t believe the app is free!! Going to download it now πŸ™‚

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