I get knocked down..but I get up again…

Last night I went out for a little bike ride to end my day. I love ending my day this way and I felt really good last night, I really think the miles logged at the beach have helped me even with the hills at home. My ride felt really great, the weather was perfect, I felt strong and …. then I had a fight with a speed bump. It won.

As I was going over a speed bump..silly me didn’t exactly lift my one pedal up the whole way as I was going over it..clipped it and flew off my bike…onto a curb and in some mulch. Truth.

So yah that was really great and fun. But don’t panic, Its only road rash, nothing is broken and otherwise I”m perfectly fine. I’m pretty sure that it looks worse than it feels. I fell while clipped in to my pedals too..and I’m also sure that makes falling about 10 times worse.

The other really good part..was that It was right in front of a car…PERFECT. The man being the nice citizen that he was, rolled down their window and asked if I was okay, and I laughed and said yah, I’m alright…he gave me the most concerned empathetic look and and said okay and drove away… Really, what I wanted to say was the only thing not okay is my poor pride which went down with that speed bump! ugh… I then realized too that my chain popped off my bike, so I put that back on and got back on the bike. I had planned to go further…but judging by the mess my body was, I rode back home, tail between my legs, and of course blood running down my leg and into my shoe. Awesome. So not the BEST way to end my day…

As I cleaned my lovely scrapes and wounds, (Note: Ibuprofen also does wonders). I for whatever got really frustrated and down on myself after this incident. Pretty sure I texted Drew saying something along the lines of “Remember how much I liked biking, well now I hate it and it’s stupid.” (Mature, I know) and he then said something like..”it happens to the best of us.” And of course I sheepishly knew he was completely right. So I calmed down, took deep breaths. and then I thought about how I don’t hate biking at all. In fact the first 10 miles before the incident I was having so much fun, and I felt amazing on that bike. Things like that are going to happen and I got back on the bike and rode off.

I then had an epiphany. What I’m trying to say is, we fall down. We get up. We get mad, frustrated, and angry. And I was PISSED… BUT what we have to do is get over it and move on. I’ve discovered that I’m very Type A about my workouts and fitness sometimes. When I can’t do something or things don’t go right, I get really angry. I had a tiny bit of a 5 year old meltdown..sorta kinda wanted to pick up my bike and throw it and kick or punch something but I calmed down and remembered that set backs happen. This isn’t a huge one, or something detrimental forever, but what I realized is that it’s such a metaphor for life and your journey of your passions. I had to have this conversation with myself: It is not going to go perfect all the time. Stop thinking that if you’re not perfect it’s the end of the world. I think I was riding such a high from last weeks vacation miles and rides I was able to get it that I just forgot that it isn’t always going to be amazing. It’s just not. I was having an awesome ride and then all of a sudden i (literally) got knocked off. Yes, it was my own mistake, and we all make them! The important thing is getting back on, not giving up. There are so many times where people get knocked down and they decide they’re done..they’re out and I don’t want to be the type of person to do those things.  One set back doesn’t mean you have to give up.  This isn’t just about riding a bike…I want to be successful in whatever I’m passionate about and I want YOU to be also, in whatever that may be.

I realize I just got pretty deep (whoa, we are on a new level here), but I want all of you to remember that on your journey..whatever it may be, running PR’s, weight loss, achieving fitness and health, family, friends, you’ll probably have set backs. No, sorry, not probably- YOU WILL have setbacks. YOU ARE GOING TO GET KNOCKED DOWN. But guess what? You’ll be alright. Promise 🙂

Also puppy cuddles help. A lot. 

And Froyo! That tooooooooo

So PLEASE tell me how you handle these situations? What makes you get back in the saddle?

  • When is the last time you had a setback to your goals or passions? What was it and how did you handle it?
  • How do you unwind after a no good, rotten day?
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27 thoughts on “I get knocked down..but I get up again…

  1. OUCH!!! I hate it when stuff like that happens– you just kinda get in a funk, ya know? Ahh but I totally agree about froyo and puppy hugs helping you feel better. That and mom hugs, they’re the cure for everything 🙂

  2. Ah well that would be my sprained ankle. I repeat affirmations to myself during runs and workouts that are difficult and demotivating. My favorite is always “it doesn’t get easier – you get better.”

  3. Boo! Falling sucks…especially when the worst bruise is to your pride! I’ve definitely had my share of falls…while running, while biking & every time I’m more embarassed than physically injured! But like you said, when you hit speed bumps (literally & figuratively!), you just have to get up, brush off & keep moving 🙂

  4. I’m glad you’re okay!! I’m the same way, if my workout doesn’t go like I wanted – falling off the bike, not being able to hit a pace on a run,, straining a muscle while lifting, whatever – I tend to throw a wee bit of a hissy fit haha. But you’re right, we just gotta clean our wounds and keep going! And hey, if all you got out of it was road rash and froyo, that’s a pretty damn good deal hahaa 😀

    • same here! i know i keep telling myself i’m lucky i didn’t break my wrist or my head or something so i’m good! i know i can be that big brat too so it’s hard to calm down but gotta remember to move on..what’s done is done. (easy to say, tough to do, haha) and fro yo yesssss

  5. you poor thing.. so glad you are okay and only walked away with road rash!! love how you turned your mindset completely around, and decided to look at the positives. your awesome!!

    –great idea on getting froyo too! I’m sure it probably made everything feel 93998327x better :):)

  6. Eek! I was just in a bike accident a few weeks ago and haven’t been on much since then. I also had a few teeth knocked out in high school from a bike mishap – we just don’t get along very well!

    • ugh i can understand why! i haven’t been back on as of now just to hopefully let my wound heal up and the pedaling kinda irritates me. ugh i’m sorry to hear about your bike mishaps- never fun!

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  8. OMG! I have fallen like a million times on my bike (since I am somewhat of a new rider) and it does take a lot to get over it and get back up there and ride again. It can totally be humiliating! I hope your leg heals quickly. Stupid speed bump! HA!

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