Vacation Recap!

I had a little mini post yesterday to say Hi, but I wanted to recap my entire vacation in this post. Warning: this is semi long but lots of pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

As many of you will agree with me, let me just say that this vacation was absolutely the best thing ever. I just needed that break of no running from job to job squeezing in any second of workout I can, and no eating a meal on the go in the car while trying not to spill it all over myself…(Probably 8 out of 10 times I end up with something on my shirt. Most of the time it’s coffee and I’m sure everyone is snickering at me like that girl is a slob! oops.) But, yes, we are all busy, so i’m sure you understand the importance of a vacation and getting the time to relax with your family.

We have loved going to the Stone Harbor/Avalon, NJ area for a few years now. Once we went there we’ve just kept coming back. One of the main reasons we love it is there is a bike path that goes through both towns and bridges that take you over to Sea Isle City. My parents and brother and I got down on Saturday and Drew drove down and joined us on Sunday afternoon. We actually made sure we got a house where you could bring a pet to save some money so…little Izzy was packed up in the car with us too!

Riley stayed at home unfortunately because he wouldn’t be able to stand 4 hours in the car..he HATES the car! So he stayed at home and was pet sat!

Anyways- on to the fitness aspect of vacation! It was so nice to have the time to try out some long miles on the ย bike. I’m proud to say that I seriously got more of a tan from my bike shorts and racer back tops then I did my bathing suit..haha! oops!

When my Dad and I woke up on Sunday we got up and did the length of Stone Harbor/Avalon back to our rental house which ended up being almost 14 miles, with a 14-15 mph average.ย We then followed that with a nice mile-ish run. The flat ride is nice with no climbs, but you also have to remember that on flat ground you are peddling the entire time! There are no descents to coast down! Another thing is the sea breeze! which is totally awesome when it’s going your way but when you’re going against it you instantly feel it. With our ride being a loop it was fun turning to have the breeze with you and suddenly being about to do 18-20mph NBD. This is longer than the typical route my Dad and I do at home and we figured it would be a good enough start to our week. We knew that once Drew was there we would definitely do some longer bike rides, considering that Drew does 30-40 milers like they’re his job..we had to step it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh did I mention this week was hot as hell?..seriously! Honestly, I’m not complaining too much cause I love hot weather and would take being hot over cold ANY TIME. ย We were very thankful for the sea breeze this week though..Not sure how so many people were running long distances in that heat, but seriously, good for them! What’s about the beach is seeing so many people exercising! I love it!

Monday we all went out for what ended up being a 17 mile ride, 1 mile run– I was pretty sluggish on the bike that day and was not keeping up with Drew that well. I mean you really did have to pedal the entire time and my legs were feeling tired that day. Being that it was completed and was one of my longest bike rides completed without stopping.

Before one of our rides

Tuesday20 mile ride, 1 mile run!ย This day, as I was kinda struggling to keep up- Drew dropped back, took one look at my gears and told me (fairly nicely although i can’t see his eyes through his sunglasses so I MIGHT have sensed an eye roll…) I was totally not in the right gear for this flat surface…..oh? hm. I know basically how to shift but I never really messed with my bike to get it in the right gear that I needed. Yah, bad cyclist move- i guess they have front gears for a reason. duh. I had to shift my front gear into the toughest gear and then adjust my back gear so that I was comfortable. Umm…I probably should have known that..and Drew said it nicely but really he was giggling at me on the inside haha. (you don’t have to hide it I KNOW). So once I shifted right- I was flying! IT WAS AWESOME. I was able to keep up with Drew without making him want to slap a kitten because I was so slow (i think, right? i mean i’m sure you were going a bit slower than normal…) I was pretty pumped after this ride!

hi. I just learned how to ride my bike really fast.

Wednesday– 4th of July! We wanted to keep increasing so we completed a 23 mile ride!!!! We did the entire strip of Avalon and Stone Harbor and then went into Sea Isle City which is just a across a bridge, turned around there and came back. I think we were still averaging 14-15 MPH. Woo Hoo-my best ride all-together to date. I’ve done 26 miles ย before..but it was a 13 mile ride with a big break in between and a 13 mile bike ride back. We decided it also would not be best to run that day. We ALL had dead tired legs! I did however do my Beach Babe DVD arms, abs, and long and lean routines. I needed that deep glute and quad stretch SO bad!

We had a great time that day with a little BBQ food and watching fireworks. We also did sparklers at the house and then had a brilliant idea to put these sparklers on a bike and ride it!

Thursday– we did a much needed 14 mile recovery ride. It was pretty refreshing to just go out and pedal and enjoy the breeze and scenery.

the paparazzi aka drew- was out today

Friday and Saturday we took complete rest days regarding cycling but we went golfing on a Par 3 course! It was bought actually, we had fun..lost a few dozen golf balls…but it’s okay!

In our best golf attire

Action shot!

Check out that form!

We also went to Atlantic City Friday and did plenty of walking at the Outlets and on the boardwalk! it was a good time!

AC for the night!

Overall we had FUN! it was such an awesome time. The worst part about vacation? That it goes by soooooo fast! I’m actually going down to the beach again in about 2 weeks for 4 days with Drew’s family so hopefully I’ll get to relive some of that fun again. I hope I didn’t bore you with my ramblings, but I didn’t want to make it two posts!

  • What are your highlights of vacations?
  • Do you like to exercise while you are on them or do you take a big rest?
  • Have you ever been to Atlantic City! I think it’s such a great place to people watch!
And here are some outtakes from the week…i couldn’t resist not putting up these pics!ย 

sorry drew haha…he was REALLY excited about his hole in one for mini golf

Drew refused to take a picture of me “for the blog” so this is what resulted. You’re welcome.

21 thoughts on “Vacation Recap!

  1. you guys are the cutest! And duuuude that is some BAMF cycling going on right there, I love it! Donโ€™t worry I made that same mistake with my gears, my cycling buddy was not so nice about it (โ€œwtf kate you need your big ring. such a noobโ€ LOL) haha but yeah being in big chain on the flats reeeeally helps! just make sure to switch out of it on the hills though, trying to get up a hill in that gear is really embarrassing lol. Glad you had fun! AND you get to go again soon woot!

    • hahah thank god i’m not the only one! i had to laugh at myself when it happened! the worst was being stopped at a light and then trying to restart while still in that gear! awful!

  2. oh my goodness you are a serious beast, those rides are no joke girl! You two together makes it that much better, I love how working out with others really does make it that much more fun. Cycling buddies can totally motivate you to hit those miles you never have, same with running. You are so lucky to have such an active family!

  3. This looks like such a blast. Great job logging all those miles. The entire month of August we have a beach house in Point Pleasant and my boss just gave us the rest of the summer Fridays off – hooray!!! Maybe I should look into bikes on the shore – I cannot wait for some beach runs.

    PS – great job ENJOYING vacation and doing what you wanted! I think sometimes I forget to do just that ๐Ÿ™‚

    • oh thats awesome! i LOVE the beach every time i leave i just want to stay there forever. i dream of having a house by the beach! definitely rent a bike for the shore! but also remember to relax and do EXACTLY what you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Awesome you were able to ride so much on your vacay ๐Ÿ™‚ I love to workout on vacations and almost always find a way to fit it in. Running (and I can assume biking) is one of the BEST ways to see a new city. I’ve had amazing runs all over the world that allowed me to become immersed in where I was visiting.

    P.S. I need the beach, like now. K thx ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. that’s awesome you got such great workouts in over vaca! I like to try and work out, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle it just doesn’t happen….at least it didn’t for me this weekend!

    • thanks! i’m wearing Sugoi brand..those are actually Tri shorts which have a little less padding in them because they’re meant for competitions, but honestly i find them to work just as well…and also I don’t feel i’m waddling around in them just as much haha!

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