Friday Things!!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Happy Friday Things! Or my random thoughts..what have you 🙂

1. Premier Protein

I got sent a sample box from this place- it is seriously delish! I’m not normally a fan of how whey protein tastes but this stuff has been awesome after my bike rides! They really fill me up. I loved the Chocolate and Vanilla- and the protein bars were really yum!

Sample Box fun

Premier Protein- Looking for a Model?

2. This fun Nail Polish – Dive Bar by Essie

Usually I’m a purple (obvi) or red polish kinda girl- but when I saw this i had to get it. When it’s in the sun its blue, green, and a little purplish shades. Fun summer polish! Sorry for the sloppy painting- i’m terrible at doing my own!

4. Just ordered a new bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret! I’m going on vacation to the beach in T minus 8 days and It cannot come soon enough.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I normally hate being seen or wearing a bathing suit- BUT this year I am VOWING to make that different and feel confident on the beach! I’m tired of feeling like covering up, so I bought a cute suit in my favorite color so I’m hoping that will help 🙂

I hope you all will join me in being confident- and working it on the beach!

5. Giveaway winner! Ohhhh i know you are excited for this one ! 🙂 The winner is:

#50 Caitlin from Cait Plus Ate!! woo hoo email me at Katiemoves1 @ 

That’s all i got! enjoy your day and weekend everyone!

  • Do you guys paint your own nails and suck at it too? What nail polish colors do you like?
  • What are you summer vacation plans?
  • Do you vow to feel cute in that suit this year!?


17 thoughts on “Friday Things!!

  1. That is actually my protein bar of choice…$1.25 a piece at WalMart. Not quite the deal you got but still a good deal. I don’t get the bad after taste that some of the other bars have

  2. such an awesome nail polish color!!! haha and YES to sucking at doing your own manicures…actually yours look pretty good by my standards! 😀 Adorable bathing suit too – I also am less-than-confident in a bathing suit, but having cute ones helps a lot!!

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