Weekend Recap: Golf, Antique Days, and Pancakes

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I have been a pretty bad blogger lately but it was nice to get away from the computer and I had a really enjoyable weekend! I also worked a whole lot the past few days and I’m looking forward to my only day off being Wednesday this week. Boo, kinda… Except for the student loan I just paid. Yikes. And that’s an understatement.

Anyways, I’ll review my workouts last week. A lot of it was my favorite DVD’s of course and with the weather being so awesome, getting outside for long bike rides has been awesome. I’ve been running approx. 3 times a week. Once I did a little Brick workout to see if my legs were up for it again. It’s soooo tough to get off the bike and run. Ironman and women have my utmost respect. Here’s what the running week liked like for me:


Really not much but it keeps my foot happy! I said on Friday that my run was awesome on Thursday! I can finally start to feel a difference in my aerobic capacity which is very exciting for me. I’ll take it 🙂

On to the weekend! It started out great! Drew came to visit me Thursday to Saturday so that was awesome cause I hadn’t seen him in almost 2 weeks. Drew is still learning golf at the moment so my Dad gave him a lesson and the we played a few holes. Drews first time out on a course!

Friday we got up and went to the golf tournament I told you about! It was really fun! It was a hot day but it felt so great to be outside! My phone was MIA for the tourney.. Wish I had gotten some pics. While I was playing Drew was practicing after my Dad gave him some pointers the night before. I golfed with 3 other ladies and we didn’t do too bad! We finished 2 over par! Not even in last place!! This was a scramble meaning everyone hits their ball and then we hit next from who hit the best ball, generally for scrambles you should be under par cause it’s easier BUT we had some beginners, definitely still a good day for us!! This was also a fun night because we got to hang out for a while after and listened to live music and enjoy some beverages! 🙂

Saturday we got up and decided on blueberry pancakes (whole grain!) Drew was the grill master of course!


We also walked Around the center of my town that was having a little “festival”(Antique Days- exciting!) and got some food and delicious coffee concoctions. Mine was a frozen drink with raspberry, white chocolate and peppermint flavor- sounds weird but it as AWESOME! Free got Skoar Bar.


We also went on a bike ride for about 10 miles. It was a good ride-nothing special. Also super easy for Drew cause he is all “10 miles is barely worth me putting my bike shorts on for” and I’m all “Okay, Lance Armstrong.” We love each other. Promise.

I ha to work Saturday night and Sunday morning so Drew went home to spend Fathers day with his dad and I spent mine working all day but got to play 9 holes of golf last night with my brother and dad. It was a nice time with my pops!


So that was my weekend for the most part, how was yours?? Did you do anything for fun or new?

Stay tuned this week, another fun giveaway coming at us! You’ll love this stuff!


13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Golf, Antique Days, and Pancakes

  1. “and I’m all “Okay, Lance Armstrong.” We love each other. Promise.” haha this made me smile! cute couple banter is the best. a day with “lance” on the bike and eating blueberry pancakes sounds too perfect. glad you had a good less-tech wkend!

  2. LOL you and Drew are too cute! I used to date a guy who is now a pro cyclist, and one time we did a ride together…this was before I owned a real road bike, so I was riding one of those…i dunno, commuter bikes? which, with me pedaling my hardest, in highest gear, could only go about 15mph. so my boyfriend was like about to fall off his bike it was so slow for him hahahaha. good times. anyway it sounds like you guys had a fantastic weekend! blueberry pancakes and frozen drinks FTW!

    • haha i know what you mean!! i have riden a hybrid bike with Drew and it was SO SLOW. i pretty much gave up and said give me a road bike right then and there! and yah i’m pretty sure the whole time Drew is like omg this is soooooooo slow..haha but i am getting better (he used to turn around and give me the stink eye if i wasn’t peddling hahaha so now i think of that and just keep peddling!)

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