Why I love to Bike

Staying on the bicycling band wagon, I wanted to tell you some reasons why I love to ride a bike! (and How appropriate for National Running Day) I don’t know much about running…and I’ve found many, many, love for running posts- and so hey, I thought I would add my love affair with cycling. I do love to run, but there are so many reasons I found that I love cycling. So here we go:

Why I love to Bike!

1. The wind in my face – yes…flying down a hill with the wind in your face…amazing feeling.


2. Keeps these thunder thighs moving– yah it happens to the best of us. A love/hate relationship with our thighs…but when I look down and I see my legs powering me up a hill- I’m glad they are strong.


3. Enjoying the scenery – When I run, I don’t pay much attention to what is going on around me…probably because I’m struggling haha..but when I’m on a bike I feel more alert and in tune with my surroundings and I find it really peaceful.

4. The “jello” leg feeing after finishing a ride… never gets old.

5. Scheduling a bike ride into my day makes me 10x’s more productive then when I don’t. When I know I want to get out there for some solid miles I know I have to get other things done so I can do everything.

6. Pushing my milage– Drew will be the first to tell you I don’t necessarily do LONG bike rides..but I’m working on it. In the past few weeks I’ve gotten my best number of miles in ever. It’s hard and my legs get tired, but I’m so happy and proud when I’m finished!

7. No impact= happy feet! My feet are prone to hurting if I run too much or too many days in a row. Cycling is no impact and keeps them from cursing me.

8. Climbing up a tough hill and feeling proud that I carried myself to the top. My second duathlong ever which was the toughest..hilliest…worst course I’ve ever been on and I wanted to stop. I really did. It was painful, I was exhausted…but I completed it!

So that’s it. That’s why I love to ride my bike. I’m sure there are more reasons, but that’s what I could come up with.

I think biking is a forgotten form of exercise sometimes, and I encourage all of you to try it if if you can. Many communities (like mine) have rail trails all over the place. Or hey, try a duathlon! Great way to mix it up if you are an avid runner, and a great way to cross train!

Okay…almost off my Bike Soapbox but one last thought:

That it is my friends. That it is. 🙂

Why do you have a love affair with the way you exercise? What keeps you doing it over and over? Whatever it may be, somehow it moves you to keep doing it, so tell me why!

23 thoughts on “Why I love to Bike

  1. I have a used bike that I actually bought a month ago so I like the timing of this post 🙂 but also, I haven’t used it at all yet b/c NONE of my friends have bikes and I just bought it to bike for fun, so I want to bike with them! I wish you lived nearby! Haha

  2. Thanks for this post! Perfect timing actually 🙂 I’d love to do a duathlon someday soon since it seems to me my body would be more happier if I mixed in some low-impact sports for a change. I may get my bike next week!!! I went to a local shop and got a nice deal. Yay!

    • yay good timing! sometimes it’s great to get a bike from a local place cause they’re always so helpful if you have any problems or questions about it! from my experience bike people are always so nice!

  3. There’s an old bike sitting in my parent’s garage that I’ve been meaning to swipe. Our neighbor works at a bike shop and I really want to get him to fix it up. There’s so many great trails in my area and I’d love to mix up my fitness routine. Nice post… funny that it’s on National Run Day haha.

    • ooo DO IT! haha it was not planned to post this on National Running day..coincidence lol 🙂 but yes it is always good to know someone who works at a bike shop too! Always helpful!

  4. Yay for thunder thighs! I have them too. Biking is so scary, especially around cars. But then bikes are so cute and I always want one when I’m in the sports store. Ahh…

  5. I don’t bike, but I have thunder thighs as well. I’ve learned to embrace them, it’s either that or liposuction, which I actually considered in my late teens. Eek.

  6. I love to bike too and even bought a new race bike last year!!! Since tearing the cartilage in my knee I haven’t been able to bike much though. It’s the angle of the knee (almost 90 degrees!) while biking that exacerbates my knee. Running is actually better for it…go figure!

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