Looking at a Dot Com!

Hey everyone..if you’ve noticed (or haven’t, it’s fine) Katie Moves is officially KatieMoves.com! woo too! Today I purchased my domain name…exciting stuff for a Saturday, I know! 🙂

Today I got up and went for a 3.4 mile run..it meant to be longer but i cut it short due to feeling sick from the humidity and heat…gotta play it smart when you’re not used to it!

Then I did my Bikini Sculpt workout courtesy of Tone It Up! And I hope to play some golf tonight with my family 🙂

Some pictures for you:

And you ask, what do these things mean for me!? How about some upcoming giveaways! 

Stay tuned my friends- have a wonderful holiday weekend! 🙂

Anyone have any special plans for memorial day? I hope I can just spend mine relaxing!


13 thoughts on “Looking at a Dot Com!

  1. Yayyy got the dot com!! Awesome, now it’s all yours 🙂

    So funny, I’m waiting for my Cheribundi in the mail to go a giveaway too 🙂 Great company!!

    Love your sweat pink swag! Woohoo

  2. Also…. So you know I really love reading your blog and am so happy we are blogger friends (and also fellow Sweat Pink sisters!) I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Pink Tree, or One Lovely Blog award! Details are on my page 🙂 You are awesome!

  3. yay for the .com!! I’ll follow you over there 🙂

    Good run though – I have to admit the humidity and heat are killers when it comes to distance/time.

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