Friday Randoms


Haha,just kidding mine won’t even be as cool as that cat! I’ll be working! Oh well!

haha, my life currently. Unfortuantely, Drew and I will be celebrating a pretty belated birthday celebration due to conflicting work schedules. boo.

But are some random things this Friday…

1. One of my favorite movies is Despicable Me! Love, love, loveeeeee it! My roommates in college and I watched it so many times…alone with UP! But really i saw these things on Pinterest and thought of Despicable me and those cute Minions!

So, who will be knitting me this?

And making me these:

How AMAZING- don’t all volunteer at once 🙂

2. That bag of Clancy’s popped chips that I was so excited about? Yah, someone in my family ate the rest of them. This is not going over well with me.

3. This pic of Key West, Florida..where I could totally be right now.. *Sigh.

4. This Dr. Seuss quote..his are my favorite!

So true, make each day your own 🙂

5. This Jenna Marbles video! hahahaha enjoy!

So tell me, If you could be anywhere right now vacation wise, where you would you pick? What is your favorite movie? 

Happy weekend everybody! May you all have a wonderful LONG one!

8 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. I love despicable me. the minions were so my favorite!!! I’m having those cupcakes at my birthday this summer for sure… even if I have to make them. I’ll ship one to you.

    I’m wishing I was in oregon for family vacation. we aren’t going until Labor Day weekend and it seems so far away! T.O.R.T.U.R.E.

  2. that is me too, I am so boring it is almost putting me in the old lady status. I love despicable me… it’s so fluffy i could die! can’t go wrong with jenna marbles, she makes me die laughing.

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