Food Diaries

Hi everyone! I’m used to posting in the morning, but my week has totally been thrown off because someone quit (totally unannounced) at one of my jobs which means I’ve taken over all the hours. This has messed up my schedule a little bit, but I can’t complain- more $$ for this broke girl!

Today I woke up and the day was beautiful! I had to work this morning and then I planned on coming home and going for a run….what does it do as soon as I get home!? Thunderstorm. Naturally while I have time to be outside. Real cool Mother Nature. No, I’m not upset at all.


One thing I totally love to do is grocery shop– most likely because I love food..:)

One store that my mom found to be the best for fresh produce is Aldi’s! I don’t know if a lot of you have those around you but it is seriously awesome! Not to mention that it’s the cheapest around. Now they don’t have EVERYTHING like the big chains- but if you have one near you go check it out.

Today I WASSOFRIGGINEXCITED because I found an off brand of Pop Chips that everyone loves so much for a fraction of the price that the main brans sells them for!

BBQ YUM! They taste just like the normal Pop Chips πŸ™‚

Also at Aldi’s: Avocados for 99 cents!!

So now that I have these pretty things- I need some help on what to do with them! Any of you have any good recipes or things to do with avocados!? I’m searching interest after so maybe I’ll have some for you soon too! I recently had them in this salad:


I’ve realized this is a sort of backwards twist on a What I Ate Wednesday! πŸ˜‰

So tell me, what food are you obsessed with lately? I’m always up for new things to keep my diet from being bland!

Also if you need some advice about what to do on a rainy day, Izzy has some for you:

“Stay in Bed”


14 thoughts on “Food Diaries

  1. I’ve never tried popchips – but I am a sucker for BBQ chips of any form so you sold me. I love that people are digging avocados as of lately. They are my go to in sandwiches!

  2. POP CHIPS ARE FREAKING AMAZING, I am probably that person that has been raving because I literally always talk about them. I hope you enjoy them, all the flavors are freaking amazing. Can you tell I am passionate about these?

  3. So cool! I wish I had an Aldi’s near me. We do have a pretty great Grocery Outlet that I find good deals at though. If I had 2 avocados I’d mix them with some salsa and a lime and have quick and easy guacamole.

  4. I love mashing up some avocado with salsa, and spreading it on a ww wrap then topping it with black beans! Makes a super quick lunch on the go πŸ™‚

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  6. Pingback: Friday Randoms | Katie Moves

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