Friday Randoms

Happy Friday everyone! I trust you had a good week and I’m looking forward to this beautiful weekend I have ahead of me! I hope you have good weather too! 🙂 I did an awesome body pump class and took my dogs for an extra long walk today! It was so beautiful out!

1. New handlebar tape!

I got brand new handlebar tape for my bike! Last i had black and this time i was feeling a bright white! (Exciting stuff, I know!)



Wish me luck keeping this white!

So that was some exciting stuff on Thursday.

2. This Lace Shirt I got that I obsessed about in my last post if surprisingly from aeropostale- which i never shop at and just happened to walk in and love this shirt! and it’s $15! just thought I would share for all the other lovers of lace!

3. Want a good,quick workout? Who doesn’t!? This video is great! Courtesy of the Tone It Up Girls 

4. This is exactly what Ryan Gosling would say if he saw me walking with how sore I am today. (don’t tell me otherwise)

5. Friday Funny: This made me laugh. so. HARD.

Your turn, tell me something random, tell me something funny! Have a great weekend! Good luck to anyone racing!


10 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. bahahaha that video made me DIE just now!!! 😀 I’ve been enjoying taking my dogs on walks too, the weather has just been too amazing to stay inside!

    • Thats exactly what i usually think because most of the stuff is for like 12 year olds lol! I sometimes go in there just to get basics like tanks and stuff cause they can be fairly cheap and then i found that!

  2. Ha! I love that girls videos. She has a driving one that is hysterical too!

    Runner girl Ryan Gosling had me in tears crying the first time I saw the site. Have a great weekend!

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