Day trippin’ to Baltimore

Yesterday, Drew and I set off to go to Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Considering this being the closest city to me (next would be DC) it’s pretty exciting for this country gal! 😉

First of all to start of the mini road trip we needed snacks:

Great choice for fuel…sugarrrrrr

We drove down and found a parking garage that didn’t want to steal ALL of my money. It ended up being in the perfect location and we could walk right into the harbor. It was an absolutely beautiful day in the high 70’s low 80’s for most of the day.

Drew kept singing “I”m on a boat, I’m on a boat!” No, Drew we were not on the boat

PS Obsessed with this lace shirt I got! Now i just want more lace things!

For lunch we decided on Pizzeria Uno. We sat on a deck outside and it was extremely relaxing and fun to people watch those in the harbor.

For lunch we shared a BBQ Chicken Pizza (What else!?) and Drew got Chicken Thumbs and fries. (Sorry I’m not sorry we eat like we are 5).

Yummmm…already ate a piece before I remember to take a picture 🙂

It was delish! I could only eat about half the pizza and we took the rest with us..thankfully i brought my big purse!

We shopped around at the mall right next to the harbor and some of the smaller shops along the walkway.

We stopped to listen to some outside music and of course had a photo shoot duhhh

Got him to smile with teeth! This does not happen often people.

We definitely had a really fun day trip! I’m glad I have some places to go to that are in driving distance and doable in a day. Yesterday we considered our workout to be all the walking around the city we did! I honestly woke up with tight calves from being in flip flops for a long time for the first time in a while haha!

Where are some of your favorite places to visit in a day trip? Also what are you favorite road trip snacks? You saw ours above. 🙂 Anyone else ever been to the Inner Harbor and love it too?


14 thoughts on “Day trippin’ to Baltimore

    • ah thats so funny that we missed each other! we didn’t go to the aquarium this time, but we want to at some point. DC is on the list for a visit this summer!

  1. Looks like a really fun day! I haven’t been to Baltimore in years but I love the inner harbor. Its so pretty 🙂 I’d love to go back soon.

    Oh PS I love lacy shirts too and yours is adorable. I have a white long-sleeve one that I’m obsessed with.

  2. I’m so envious that you are close enough to the INner Harbor to day trip. I LOVE Baltimore, that area is gorgeous! I went a year ago and really want to go back. You look so pretty in that top!

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