Sunny Day

Yesterday, the weather did this crazy thing… it was really weird.


AHHH! I am not sure if I could have ever been so excited to see the sun shining in my life. I did a happy little dance and then…

Went for a run! WOO HOO! Drew even came to visit for most of the week so we BOTH went for a run!

It may be cloudy in the back, but I was basking in the glory of the sun coming the other way!

So yay I’m out for a run…but guess who’s out of shape???

Yup. This girl. Holy crap!

The humidity yesterday for sure didn’t help considering I haven’t run in humid weather since…well since last fall…but still I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest the entire run-not a fun feeling! This made me realize that it really doesn’t take long at all to get out of run shape- curses. Also I was super sore from my new body pump routine so that totally didn’t help anything, but I almost passed out DID IT!

After my run, we set out to ย fix Little Blue! And by we I mean I watched Drew do it.ย 

hi little blue! no i haven’t been neglecting you, you were just a little broken and i needed someone to help me- that’s all!

So basically since Drew was visiting..and he was going to help me change Blue’s tire that has needed changed for oohh like 3 weeks..haha oops. but i really didn’t know how to do it so I got a “Flat Tire Lesson”

Drew: “So then you blah blah blah, take this thingy out and put this thingy in and yadda yadda…” (lots of words/parts i don’t really understand…I’m not very handy or am capable of fixing things).

Me: “Don’t worry I understand everything you are saying, and when I’m stranded with a flat in the furthest possible distance of my bike ride- I’ll totally be able to do it all on my own!”

I’m not sure he’s convinced.

Okay so, I might need more practice! But uh, that will come later…

all fixed up! ๐Ÿ™‚

So then Drew and I went to ANOTHER bike shop yesterday (we know how to party). and then we went to the movies to see The Avengers! Which was awesome! If you haven’t seen it please do! I love Robert Downey, JR. he was so great in it. It was totally funny in unexpected spots!

Anyways- Today on Drew and I’s list is to go down to Inner Harbor in Baltimore! It’s only about an hour from where I live and I haven’t been in a few years so I’m really excited! Also I think the sun will be shining again!!

What is everyone up to on this Wednesday? What is your workout going to be? ย Mine will be doing all the walking around Baltimore! Also, anyone have any flat tire incidents they want to share!?


16 thoughts on “Sunny Day

  1. Hope you understand Drew’s instructions ๐Ÿ˜› , cycling after running is absolutely awesome, sometimes I do that, last Monday I did 5 kms running, then 15 cycling and to end 5 more kms runnin again, greetings from Spain and keep enjoying

  2. I’ll be hitting up BodyPump after work. My favourite instructor is back from vacation, so it should be a good one!

    Enjoy the sun! After several nice days, it’s kind of dreary here, but then supposed to be sunny and nice until the end of the weekend. Woo!

  3. Good for you guys! I have few stories to share although one that sticks out is being miles away from civilization while riding in the English countryside and getting a flat. Ended up stuffing the tire and tube with leaves and other “stuff” to limp back home. Never has a cold beer tasted as good after a long ride!

  4. I’m not entirely convinced it was actually sunny, but it’s nice to pretend sometimes. haha, just kidding. I’m not a cyclist and that’s one of the reasons I don’t want to get into it, laziness and too much equipment. It’s sad really.

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