Uncomfortable= change

Yesterday, my regular Body Pump class started to change to new songs and routines. For those of you who don’t know, Pump uses a song to set a routine to for a certain exercise (squats, lunges, bicep, triceps…etc). For 2-3 months it pretty much stays the same routine and then the instructors start to phase in the new stuff when they get it.

Considering my gym just brought Pump in March, I’ve never done this transition to the new program before. Let me tell you- IT. WAS. HARD. Now I always try to challenge myself in class because I know I’m not getting anything out of it if I don’t but this change had me come to the revelation (duh…I’ve know this before, but sometimes you get reminded!) that change is uncomfortable- VERY uncomfortable…but this is how you see results!


Sometimes when I’m doing the same old thing with the same old weight I stop and think- why am I doing that…this is doing nothing for me…I need to challenge myself. Yes, I do believe that you need to work at some of the same programs for some time to really train your muscles- but you cannot do the same thing all the time and expect things to get better.

This is something that I realize and then have to hit myself in the forehead a couple times like- HELLOOOOOOO. DOI!


So I figured- if I need reminding sometimes- than maybe one of you need reminding too. And I’m not just talking fitness wise (although that’s what made me think of it) in many aspects of your life- you have to get a bit uncomfortable in order to see change and move forward. Sometimes reaching a goal is only possible by being uncomfortable and committing to making a change in our daily lives and routines. Without change- we will not get results.

This quote is so true!

Maybe there is something you need to change or incorporate in your life right now. Have you ever been in some situations (I’m sure you have!!) that you had to be uncomfortable in order to change, but LOVED the results? Tell me about it! I’d love to hear πŸ™‚ Currently- I’m working on changing up my fitness routine (running mainly) in order to see some change in my speed!

13 thoughts on “Uncomfortable= change

  1. I am in love with your attitude about changing things up. I always have some difficulty when my routines get altered (thank you type a personality haha) and your drive to go outside your comfort zone is so inspirational! πŸ™‚ You rock sista!!

  2. I often get in a rut with my workouts (especially with lifting!). I usually workout alone, so maybe I need to start doing some group classes to get fresh ideas.

    • I do sometimes too and it takes me a while to wonder why I”m feeling so blah about working out. Sometimes I do like to be alone, but sometimes I’m like ahhh I need someone else to do something with cause I’m so bored! Classes might help πŸ™‚

  3. My sports circuit class is amazing because they change each week… yep! Each week the intensity goes up per semester meaning two classes are pretty much the same but that is all. I swear I always feel the burn which is great, beats any workout boredom. I am the same way though, change in all parts of life is uncomfortable and sometimes hard to cope with.

  4. I’m am awful at changing up my running routine. I’ve been thinking about joining a gym for a few weeks now, but I cant bear to miss one of my running workouts in order to go check out the gym! I’m hoping to actually get it done this week though!

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