Thursday Things

Can we just talk about a few things for a sec? Warning…this is a rambler.

1. This weather= stupid. 

One second it is absolutely beautiful out..the next second, it storming and cold and windy. And by next second I mean any time I have off from work and can go outside for a run. My hill workout has really yet to happen because of this dumb weather.

Okay, least its not snow!

2. Chia Seeds

I can’t help it but every time I hear about these I just feel like I would be eating a chia pet. Would a chia pet grow inside my stomach? Does a chia pet even grow from chia seeds? What in the hell are chia seeds? Quick somebody research that and get back to me, because I’m too lazy to do that myself.

Please tell me you remember the jingle for these.

3. Form over Weight

This could become a rant- but people please just know that your form when lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises is so much more important than the amount you are lifting. I am pretty regular at a Body Pump Class where I work and this one lady, who I can unfortunately see in the mirror the entire class  because of where she stands, puts a ton of weight on her bar AND BARELY DOES ANY OF THE MOVES CORRECTLY! This has been weeks and she still doesn’t realize that she:

a.) has too much weight on the bar- she can barely stay with the class

b.) constantly does the moves wrong and with really bad form.

I am by NO MEANS saying I’m perfect, cause I’m not at all, but this lady is driving me crazy (not gonna lie- she’s kinda snotty too, but that’s besides the point). I just want to tell her to drop the amount of weight and how to do some of the moves right. She even stands in front of the instructors and they try to announce to the whole class to make sure their form is correct and to make sure the weight is at the right spot so they can keep up as to not point her out in front of everyone….BUT, the lady doesn’t get it. The whole point of this class is more strength endurance, NOT trying to max out on your lift.

ANYWAYS, my point in this story- make sure you have proper form before you try and just up your weights to look good or impress anyone. Just because you THINK you should be upping your weights- doesn’t mean you should.

4.Gym Boss Time App- very cool way to do circuit workouts. Plus it’s FREE!! It would be a great way to do any of these.

5. This Photo. Next time you are running and its awful. Just think of this.

Ryan Gosling is exactly right. You’re running– your arms are pumping, you have a flight phase. A run is a run- don’t get bummed about your pace. At least you are MOVING!

6. These dear, sweet puppies. Who love to snuggle in bed with me.

What are your thoughts from the week? How did your workouts go? Do any of you have any free workout apps that you love? Has anyone else witnessed people at the gym doing things WRONG all the time?? Or just tell me anything. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I love this, especially the body pump thing. I hate that… so much. Yes, you are amazing by lifting that much but when your back is screaming an hour later you will regret it. I agree, this weather is bipolar and I am ready for some sun (luckily we have it today!) still haven’t tried chia seeds, I fear a chia pet would grow in my stomach.

  2. I know..this lady absolutely drives me insane and she unfortunately is always in a place that I can see her. And I refuse to change my spot in class haha. and yah..chia seeds right? they freak me out.

  3. I’m surprised the instructor hasn’t said anything-isn’t that there job? I don’t have a fancy phone or technology to help with intervals. I use the trusty old lap button the watch. Your 11 minute miles sign was great. So when I slow down drastically in the marathon next week I will just think of that.

  4. I know, right…it’s almost like their oblivious and she’s right in front of them…ugh. the lap button on a stopwatch…who would have thought lol all of us and our new fangled technology! and MARATHON!? woo! yup if i were running a marathon at 11 minute pace- I would be happy, thank you ryan gosling!

  5. I see this all the time at BodyPump. Again, I’m not perfect, but watching other people with such poor form makes me die a slow death inside.

    I bought some chia seeds to see what the hype was all about and put them in my overnight oats a while back. Meh. Take ’em or leave ’em. I think (not entirely sure) that they’re supposed to be a source of healthy fats. Don’t quote me.

  6. I love your Ryan Gosling meme! I’ve done the whole chia seeds thing and I don’t think I’ve had one grow inside of me. I’ll let you know if I end up pooping out a MR T Chia head or something of that nature though!

  7. haha I am kind of getting on the chia seed bandwagon! they are a little expensive though. but I like them!

    Oh and I’m so happy you posted about the Gym Boss app! I’ve wanted one of the actual timer things for a long time, but an app is so much easier!

  8. I haven’t tried chia seeds but all my friends eat them on everything! I never even thought that they were the same seeds as a chia pet, I totally forgot about them!! But thats so true haha. I don’t want green sprouts in my stomach.

    Theres also a cool app called Nike Training that has circuit workouts that you sync to music, its really good!

  9. Your #3 point…I see every day as a personal trainer. I ALWAYS correct them because the last thing that needs to happen is for him/her to get hurt. It’s so important, and even though some people want to have weights added to their normal routine, I won’t let them unless their form is correct.

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