Updated Plan

As you may know…I”ve been looking for a plan. After doing a little research on the topic of adding some speed work into my routine.. I was still…boggled a bit…

There was just sooooo much information, it was really hard to narrow it down to what I wanted. BUT THEN I got a really great comment from Claire about what she does and this helped immensely! What she told me:

This helped mucho! I then set out to make a little plan- I think that writing everything down and actually seeing it on paper (or screen) is going to help me accomplish these goals and get me speedy(er)!

My Plan:

Based on what Claire said, this is the plan that I’ve comp up with. I’ve decided to go out and get a Yoga video that I can throw in after some sessions, because I know with a knew running plan I’m going to need to stretttchhhh! Hopefully I can avoid some nasty ITB pain that I sometimes have flare up when running more than usual. It’s definitely something that I need to make part of my routine. Any suggestions for a good video? I’ve heard Jillian’s are great.

I seriously hope I look HALF as good as this little guy


I’ve also kept the running distance pretty low and just want to let my body get acclimated to the change in my workout routine. I’ll also worry about pace at a later date-currently, I just want to accomplish this in the week ahead! Strength training is also something key that I’ve made sure to put there. I’ve mostly kept it to MWF because I know I can get to Body Pump class those days next week…else I”ll be doing my Beach Babe DVD.

I really hope this plan helps me drop time and feel comfortable running at a faster pace. So we will see what happens next week. I’ve already accepted that I may have to tweak how I do this and some days may be switched around, but as long as it gets done!

Oh yah, anddd my Sweat Pink Ambassador Page has been updated at Fit Approach! Go check it out and my fellow ambassadors!

So riddle me this my friends,

Do you find it helpful to write down your goals? 

Anyways, Happy Friday! I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. Any big plans!? I’m working at a 5K on Saturday for the YMCA I work at! 



12 thoughts on “Updated Plan

  1. I’m dying to try Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown. Let us know if you go that route!

    I’ve got a half marathon on Sunday that I’m super pumped for. I’m also incorporating some speed work into my upcoming marathon training plan. I’m nervous because it’ll be my first time doing speed work, despite having run half marathons and other races. It’ll be interesting to see how it helps me progress.

    As for a plan, I’ve got one from Smart Coach (Runner’s World). It’s free and really great!

    • Just went out to Target to buy jillian’s DVD! I’ll definitely post about how it is when I try it so stay tuned! I hope I like it/stick with it! Yes, speed work is something I’m a little nervous/excited about! we will see how it goes 🙂

  2. I love the first confused pic haha and the little dog doing upward dog is so cute. I have him pinned on my Funny Pinterest board!

    I plan out my workouts by putting them in my phone calendar. Helps me commit!

  3. haha omg i spend half my life looking at funny pics on interest! I wish it was my job…

    I definitely think all my planning will help me to commit! (okay i hope so anyways!)

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