Great Run and NikePlus Fail

Yesterday I had a FANTASTIC run! It was gorgeous out-perfect running weather! It was sunny with a nice breeze, you know that long-sleeve-and-shorts-type of running weather. My favorite kind! The run itself felt effortless, I was able to keep a good pace and not feel like my lungs would explode.

Before I hit a mile into it, I got one of those messages from my Nike Plus:

“You are well on your way to beating your one mile goal, pick a powersong and smash it!”

This totally motivated me to move my butt!


And so I’m trucking it..and…I hear nothing for a while..why didn’t it tell me? Whatever, I must have just missed it because a car went by..I felt good and I didn’t want to stop and fiddle with my phone.

So I’m running….Okayyy, so then I really hear nothing for a while…so I take my phone out of my pocket and I’m pretty sure I probably went at least 2 miles already and what does my phone have the nerve to show??

“.87 miles”

Whattttt!!!???? WHATTTTT!??? I probably had my best run/time and IT STOPPED RECORDING!!!??? That’s it. I’m going to punch something. 

I know, I know, what did people do when there was none of this GPS technology blah, blah, blah… but seriously…any other day…I was really excited to see what my time and paces were because I have been working on some speed work in order to get those down, however, today would not be that day. Too bad for moi! 😦 I continued on my run, pretty annoyed, but I still finished it strong and felt good.

But, as I’m looking back on the experience, looking for the best of it- I remember that I felt good! Really good! That doesn’t happen often for me when running and this run felt fast and effortless. I know from my normal runs, I probably did about 4 miles and I think I finished in about 36ish minutes, put me in around a 9 minute pace- and for that length of run is a really good pace for me! Maybe I’m finally getting somewhere!??

So, I want to you guys run with a Garmin/GPS watch/use Nike plus- or do you go by your feel on the run? Any of you experience a big fail like me? Sometimes I find the GPS can be encouraging or discouraging depending on how you look at it. What about you?


8 thoughts on “Great Run and NikePlus Fail

  1. Nike Plus all the way, it gives you just what you need (you know, pace, mileage, etc.) that is not too expensive!! I haven’t had any problems with it. At first I bought the Nike Plus watch and absolutely loved it. I felt more confident on my runs and eager to get to a decent pace. I later got the Ipod Nano with Nike Plus and I love how it talks to you! Every once in awhile I find it refreshing to run without them. Overall, Nike Plus is great!!

    • Agree 100% about Nike Plus..I can’t afford a cool watch right now-might be in the future, but for now this works! I’m not sure why it lost signal yesterday…probably just user error haha 😉

  2. Awesome job! I usually run with a watch that tracks my distance and pace using a foot pod. However, for the past 3 weeks the battery has been dead, so I’ve been running w/o it. It’s be tough (bc I like seeing the numbers) but it also allows me to focus in on how I feel, instead of my pace. I hope to be getting a new GPS watch soon though (depending on my performance in my next race!)

  3. For SO long I didn’t run with anything. Then finally my bf got me a Garmin for Christmas this year and I’ve been using it since. I like that I can adjust my pace better in races, but I miss when I used to just run based on how I felt and time. It was a more carefree type of running. So sometimes I go out without the Garmin, but I find that it’s hard to be without it now.

  4. I am dying to get a garmin or some sort of watch like that. I feel like I have been running so long not knowing how far i am going, making following any training plan difficult. Glad I found your blog today!

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