Earning some hardware!

This weekend I decided pretty last minute to participate in a duathlon on Saturday. I’m so glad I did- it ended up being a gorgeous day outside- perfect day for a race! Totally kicking myself for not getting some pictures, but I never think to have phone in hand while in the transition area.

This race was a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, and a 5k run. The run course was pretty flat with trails going through a park. I always get super anxious before the start of the race and I didn’t feel that great at the start. It took me about half a mile until I felt okay. According to my watch I finished the two miles in about 15:40. This pace was a little better than I expected, because I haven’t raced this distance in a while and I was worried about being able to keep up the pace and also wearing myself out for the rest of the race.

I am always so happy to get on the bike- my favorite part!! This bike ride was quite interesting- we were mainly on some busy roads. Most of the time the road had a large shoulder and sometimes it didn’t at all- a few times all of a sudden with the way the road went I ended up being in the middle of the road which was semi-scary. About 6 of the miles were on this highway part and then the last few were through a semi-residential part of the area. Finally seeing mile 10 on the bike i was ready to get off and stretch out my legs. While the bike course didn’t have any real high climbs, my quads were starting to fatigue from keeping my pace up. According to the results i had an average of about 16.5mph on the bike.

I unclipped successfully (No falling for me today ! 😉 ),  racked my bike and changed shoes. grabbed a swig of water and started running. This course didn’t have many directions and I found myself wondering if I was going the right way at some point- thankfully I was. This run didn’t start off well and I was getting some pretty bad side cramping. At one point I did have to stop and walk and control my breathing and stretch out of my side…I walked probably for like 20 seconds and then felt better and started running again. My legs felt like LEAD…if you have ever done this, you know how your legs feel after getting off the bike. My goal for the 5k run is to just keep my legs moving and stretch it out. After about a mile and half i felt good and felt I could finally get my pace up a little more. When I could see the finish line I was never so excited! I sprinted to that finish line when I got a pretty new purple towel! and a bottle of water.

My final time: 1 hour 24 minutes! I was generally pleased with this. I have done one other race at this distance, but that race was by the ocean in a completely flat straight out and straight back course. This was an easy course to be able to keep your pace up and the one I just completed I feel was a bit more challenging.

I ended up winning my age group (beat one other person…woo too 😉 ) and I even got a medal!! My first medal from any of my races..So pretty sure I was pumped about it and I wore it the rest of the day…haha totally kidding…or am I?

This race was really fun- I love being competitive. It did show me how much work I need with speed work and drills- I think my times will really start to come down when  I can dedicate more time to that, instead of more endurance runs.

Did anyone else race this weekend? Any advice on incorporating speed work?

PS. My mom came to watch me race and when I got to the finish I couldn’t find her…where was she? in the car. SLEEPING. ohhhh mother…


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