Friday Things

1. I love Dunkin K Cups for my Keurig- best invention alive… (Both the K cups and the Keurig- pure genius. I’m never so happy to brew a cup of coffee- EVER) 


2. Frozen Yogurt- After a long day of work- my FAV treat is fro you preferably topped with chocolate chips. Loveeee it.


3. Just please look at this puppy- Try not to melt or die…. this is my brother and sister in law’s new addition, to the family which is exactly the same breed as my dog Izzy….Her name is Bailey! I just wanted to eat her up!


4. This week this thing right here was much needed- basically like “the stick” but with spiky ball things. Works just as well- my quads and IT bands really needed it this week! Got this at Target for like $15! 


5. I’m fairly sure I’m running a duathlon tomorrow! I saw the race and am going to register on a whim! It’s just a short du with 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, and 5k run. Anything compared to the last race I did seems short. There is a slight chance of thunderstorms but I hope it holds out in the morning for me! This will be the first race without the BF which makes me pretty sad cause he’s always there for me at the finish line with a  big hug 😦 ..okay sorry, thats gross and sappy- you can barf now..)


Anyone racing this weekend? Or any other non-fitness related plans going on? Whatever you’re doing have fun! 




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