Sweet Treat

If you’re anything like me- you have a sweet tooth.. A pretty big one. If you don’t then you should probably just stop reading cause you won’t be interested.

The other week I was craving some serious sweet carb goodness and I thought of one of my favorite treats monkey bread. Now I have been trying to be good and keep my sweets to a minimum, so I was hoping there would be a way to have this without all the fat, sugar and extra calories. Luckily enough for me (and you!), CookingLight.com made a “light Monkey Bread” recipe.

This recipe was amazing! I don’t think any of the taste was sacrificed and really satisfies my sweet craving. It also wasn’t very hard to make, a little time consuming, but nothing a little time on the weekend couldn’t handle.


Find the recipe here

Enjoy my friends- and don’t feel guilty. Everyone deserves a treat now and then 🙂

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