Treadmill and Speed Work Woes

 If you’re up for the challenge- Repeat this circuit 3-4x’s with one minute rest between each round.

I started off my morning similar to this with a HIIT Class again- and woo was it good! Already feeling it.

So, I have been getting on my cross training again after completing my recent sprint duathlon- but for me the toughest part is getting my run work in there. Last night I got on the treadmill, which I hate but- it was so cold and also rainy/sleeting/hailing I tried to get at least some cardio in. Well… lets just say I could only make it about like 2 miles. I tried to add some intervals in there to hopefully make it go faster, but there’s just something about a treadmill that I hate. I know that I will need to be on the treadmill some more with this fickle spring weather so I really hope I can get over this mental block I have for it. I’ve heard of people using treadmills as their main source of cardio- and I just don’t know how they do it. Props to them!

If you use the treadmill- what do you do to keep yourself on there? I need some tricks! 

After my duathlon, I also realized how much work my run needs. The endurance part for me is the easy part- it’s the keeping my pace up that I have a problem with. I’ve heard tempo runs, and speed work are things that can help me improve my speed when my endurance is okay.

Do any of you have any sort of speed work you do? Tempo Runs? What advice can you give me?


2 thoughts on “Treadmill and Speed Work Woes

  1. Whoa! That circuit looks tough! If I’m feeling ballsy, I may try it after my run this evening! I do (try) some speedwork every now and then. I think tempo runs are the easiest, since you just have to keep that pace for however many miles you choose (I usually do it for 3). I also really like fartlek workouts, which are just bursts of speed thrown into a run. The last one I did was a 5 mile run (1mi warm up, 1 mi cool down) with 9 1-minute striders thrown in. Hills are also a great way to work on speed (but more demoralizing I think. everytime I get back to the bottom, I question my will to go back up) Whatever you choose, have fun with it! 🙂

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