Run Night Cap

After much debate if my body felt good enough to run, I decided to get out there and at least try 3 miles. I really ended up being glad that I did. It was just one of those runs where I felt invincible! I’m sure I didn’t look it- but hey I felt good and I’m working on getting my pace down and we all have to start somewhere right?


hahaha- that photo makes me laugh so hard! I feel like it describes me perfectly! I always feel like a kid who stole a candy bar (snickers, please) when I’m running.

If you were “running like you stole a candy bar” which one would it be?

 I completed about 3.18 miles and my pace was around the 9min/mile mark. I think this was okay- it’s definitely better than what I started at! I’m looking to add some speed work in to the mix soon and hope that the pace I can keep starts dropping!

When I got home, I took my two lovely dogs for a walk because they were just balls of energy before and needed to get out and about. This is probably my favorite thing way to end my day, because it’s so relaxing.

What is your favorite way to end your night? Tea and TV? Listening to Music?

However the even better way to end your day is with chocolate fro yo with chocolate chips! Good night all! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Run Night Cap

  1. I always laugh out loud when I see that picture! In my head I have a good running gait and move lightly and quickly but know that on the outside I look like a waddling fool, lol

    Unfortunately I have the habit of ending every night with eating. A lot. It’s been like that for years and has never really impacted my weight or anything so I just figure my body needs the food (???). I’m trying to break myself of the habit

  2. I love to eat at night too-hence the bowl of frozen yogurt. But i end my nights most times doing the same thing… I’m always hungry after dinner- And if I”m hungry I eat. I just TRY my best to keep it healthy! 😉

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