Here I am!

First post! Well hello, here I am…sharing my thoughts with the world! Does the world know what it’s in for? no..probably not. That’s okay- I’m sure everything will turn out fine and no one will be maimed in the process- let’s hope. 😉

I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend full of family, friends, chocolate, coconut, and jellybeans- well I mean, that’s what mine was full of anyways. 

On Saturday, I participated in my second duathlon! I signed up for this race about month ago with my wonderful BF. This race would be a 5k run, 25k bike, and another 5k run. ( 3.1 miles, 15.5mile bike, 3.1 miles) MUCH tougher than my first! Signing up for a spring race is always a little scary because you never know how the weather is gonna be…and they always start SO dang early in the morning. So when we awoke at 4:45am sharp it was a frigid 34 degrees out- so we layered up- packed up our bikes and hit the road. (BF is someone who does not like to be late-in fact he likes to be SUPER early and I think we actually beat the race directors there). Well, better early than late as BF likes to say. 

The anticipation before races always has me jittery! I’m also not an early morning eater and it was tough to try to make myself eat something so that I have energy for the race- which i really needed! BF and I spent much time joking around and trying to loosen up before we really needed to get out of the car and pick up our registration packets. Once we did we set up our bikes at the transition and “warmed up.” Can’t say we warmed up that well- it was SO cold and we were both contemplating what sort of layers to wear for the event…since you always go from hot to cold (especially on the bike) and then hot again with the last run. 


Don’t let us fool you..were were freezing. BF’s parents came to watch us and cheer us on! Always good to have fans who can tell you to just keep running. (When you wanna quit real bad!)


After the pre-race meeting we wished each other luck and BF headed over to the start line as I waited for the female wave to start 6 minutes later. 

When it was my turn to step up to the start line I was not feeling so great. And…one minute into the first tun I was cramping up. Not a good start…for the first mile and a half i was cramping pretty bad but tried to get myself to breathe though it and eventually it went away. However, I was not feeling this run…and my time definitely showed that. 


Here I am again-smiling..I am not sure why. I was literally thinking in my head- my toes are literally NUMB. 


Once i finished that run I was NEVER so happy to get on the bike. The bike is my favorite part..something about the wind in your face- nothing like it 🙂 (Spoken like a true bike nerd right there). 


Well this course was TOUGH. No doubt about it. Even BF’s pro friends who raced said that this bike course is tough- so that makes me feel better right? Even if it does take them 40 less minutes to complete it……ha. Anyways this course had hills and inclines I thought would never end and the crosswinds were all around you at all times. This made for some bought climbing but even so I like the challenge of the bike..even with numb hands and fingers. Staying positive is tough at these times but really helped me try to finish strong. 


BF’s dad just caught me on the bike!

Coming into the transition area I felt good and was honestly looking forward to stretching my legs out on the run and was actually not cramping up. I focused on trying to open up my stride and just keep running- i didn’t even care what time i finished in-just wanted to keep running and finish strong. And that I did. My official time 2:02. 


There I am- so happy to see that finish line!

And as usual BF was there waiting for me with a big post-race hug! and i told him “I’ve never been so happy to be done something in MY LIFE” TRUTH. 


But I was so proud to finish! The after race high is unlike anything else. I finished. I DID IT!!!! Even if my whole body was hurting after- I did it and it was fun(sorta, kinda, maybe) and I can’t wait to do one again.

But let me tell you- I will be running my booty off until the next race!


What do you do before a big race or event? Are you jittery? Nervous? Excited? How do you tell yourself to keep pushing?


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